About Dragonista

Who are we?

Alan Jones – Founder and CEO and the British entrepreneur behind Dragonista. An accomplished business and systems analyst turned entrepreneur, Alan is on a mission to improve the way in which we educate and train young people and adults. The revolutionary platform Dragonista is the result of that determination and is set to disturb the chalk dust in classrooms all over the world.

Dragonista provides an integrated closed system where only its members can access its contents. We offer live lessons to up to 1000 students simultaneously. Our website is secured with HTTPS to protect the integrity and confidentiality of our users’ data. Dragonista is integrated with WebEx, a platform with a wide array of pedagogical features. In conjunction with WebEx, we provide:

  • High-quality video conferencing:  High-definition video and audio quality with a gallery view to show all participants in the same room.
  • Cross-platform, functional and geographical versatility:  Cisco WebEx is available on all Android, Windows and iOS devices.
  • Security features:  Users’ data is entirely secure within the platform.
  • Live classes:  Students can interact directly with teachers and teachers can make learning more interactive through features such as screen sharing.
  • Live lessons allowing interaction of up to 1000 students with the teacher.
  • Teachers and clients can make an income based on the number of students they teach and the number of lessons they provide.
  • Classes can be provided in a plethora of institutions (hospitals, prisons, etc.)
  • Students and teachers can access forums where they can pose questions and receive answers from fellow students and/or teachers.
  • Students can access education remotely on any device.
  • Recordings of classes are stored to allow students to review lessons and enhance their learning.

Dragonista is designed to incorporate a wide range of different users:

  • Private teachers/students:  Private teachers can add courses and students can enrol on these courses.
  • University users:  University lecturers can add content for their students to access.
  • School users:  Teachers at all different levels of education can add content for their pupils to access.
  • Corporate users:  : Businesses can provide educational programmes through our service, as well as host business meetings and presentations
  • Apprenticeships:  Providing practical and academic training.
  • Hospitals and hospices:  Either for students receiving treatment or hospital/hospice staff training.

Our Beliefs

  • Families should not be separated due to a lack of local schooling

  • Education and lessons should be stimulating.

  • Technology should be incorporated into teaching in a beneficial and user-friendly manner.

  • Education should be delivered in a way which mitigates the carbon footprint.

  • Education should be affordable.

Feature List

  • Locally/nationally/internationally delivered courses

  • Live video classes/Lessons

  • Recorded classes

  • Live teacher-student interaction

  • Quality education

  • Systematic approach


Choose from our wide collection of courses, provided in collaboration with our educator partners.